2016 Sport Horse Nationals Winning Results From McGinnis Training Center

2 National Championships, 4 Reserve Championships and 27 Top Tens

with 10 horses. Every horse that went, received a Top Ten or better.

We are very fortunate to have such a great trainer and so many talented horses

in our barn


AM Antonys Choice – owned by Megan Lefave

  • Champion – Hunter Hack AOTR
  • 4 Res Champions – Hunter Hack ATR, Green Working Hunter, Sport Horse In Hand ATR and Training level ATR
  • 4 Top Tens – Hunter Hack Open, Sport Horse In Hand Open, Working Hunter Open and Training level AOTR



Rubie Moon owned by Patrice Tiption

  • Champion – Training Level Jr Horse
  • 5 Top Tens – Training level AOTR, Young Horse Dressage, Sport Horse In Hand Open and ATH, Sport Horse Under Saddle Jr Horse.





VT Night Life owned by Carol Spangler

  • 5 Top Tens – 1st Level Open, ATR and AOTR, 2nd level Open and ATR




Wiseguy Your Famous owned by Carolyn Baltzer

  • 3 Top Tens – Training level Open, 1st level Open and Sport Horse in Hand Opendsc02921


Miz Katrinaa  owned by Pat Fichtner

  • 2 Top Tens – Green Working Hunter and Hunter Hack
  • image



Fame On Me owned by Kelli Newton

  • 3 Top Tens – 1st level AAOTR and Open, and 2nd level ATR
  • dsc02932


Just All Mine owned by Terri Polley

  • Champion – Training level AOTR and Western Dressage Basic Level Exhibition
  • 2 Top Tens – Training Level ATR and Western Dressage Level 1 Exhibition

AOTR Champion Training - Terri and Jam


HR Hi Lyter  owned by Terri Polley

  • Top Ten – 2nd level Opendsc02928


Kavik owned by Malissa Tarman

  • Top Ten – Prix St George


Khorizzmio owned by Deborah Huebsch

  • Top Ten – 3rd level Open


Pictures posted with permission of photographers.

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