Western Dressage World Show

Western Dressage held it’s 3rd annual World Show in conjunction with the Pinto World Congress in Tulsa OK Nov 6-8th. Nicki, myself, Brandie and Trish made the trek to compete and see what this new discipline is all about. What was so fun to see was the overwhelming enthusiasum of many different western horse riders and the variety of horses and riders it attracted.  The levels of expertise varied as much as the horse breeds and for some dressage was a new endeavor, but all were eager to  participate and become a part of it. The Western Dressage motto is ‘It’s about the Journey’, and the Western Dressage Association of America itself is still on that path as they refine the standards, procedures and policies of this infant organization.  We loved watching the tests (4 rings going non-stop!) with all the different horses. The musical freestyles were fun to watch and there was some great shopping.  It was a great experience overall and we were excited to be a part of it.      Terri

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