The McGinnis Training Center took 10 horses to the LAEC for the annual Rancho California Arabian Region 1 and 2 horse show. The weather was perfect and the horses felt great. Several youngsters were there at their 2nd show and all did wonderfully!  (see the results on ‘Results’ page).  A four day show with 10 horses means a lot of work and activity is going on all the time.  At any time someone is showing, tacking up, braiding, reading,  bathing, lunging, or practicing.  Getting all this done takes teamwork and the McGinnis barn has a GREAT team of riders and non-riders who are there to help get the next rider out in the ring.  Special thanks to Lolly, Carolyn, Mike, Carol D., Traci and Greg Slak for holding horses, cleaning stalls, bringing water, dashing for fly spray,  repairing boots, cleaning bridles, hosing horses,  taking photos and endless other chores. We could not do what we do without their selfless time and energy.  And while it is a lot of work, we all wouldn’t have it any other way – it makes sitting in a camp chair at the end of the day with a red cup all worth it!

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