Meeting Minutes from 1/11/14

Minutes of APHC Meeting January 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order at McGinnis Training Center at 2:40 p.m. by President Carol Spangler.  The following members were in attendance:  Nicki McGinnis, Lynn Phillips, Pat Fichtner, Carol Dabney, Kelli Newton, Pam Bell, Martha Pacheco, Lolly Wilke, Malissa Tarman, Terri Polley, Patrice Tipton, Carol Spangler and Samirah Laban.

Membership Report by Kelli Newton

Those who may be thinking about joining the club were urged to take the plunge and join APHC.  Parenthetically, Carol S. informed us that AHA annual membership dues will be increasing from $25 to $40 beginning April 1.

Treasurer’s Report by Patrice Tipton

The current club balance is $4,133.  Bank of America has made recent changes to their rules (as Patrice previously explained including doubling of account fees) which have inspired Patrice to explore a variety of other institution’s account rules and practices.  The results have shown Arrowhead Credit Union rules to be the most advantageous for our club funds.  Arrowhead allows a minimum savings of $500 without fees (as opposed to $3,000 at B of A).  Patrice is awaiting a response regarding her request for a debit card for club transactions, as it would increase the convenience of doing business, but regardless of the outcome of that request, members agreed that Arrowhead was a favorable alternative to increasingly prohibitive changes to Bank of America’s policies.  Patrice agreed to complete the necessary paperwork to switch club funds to Arrowhead Credit Union.

Old Business  

The members voted unanimously to approve as co-coordinators, Terri Polley and Lynn Phillips, for the office of Fundraising Coordinator.

A discussion of the seemingly overlapping duties of Communication Coordinator and Activities Coordinator ensued.  It was agreed that Lynn, as Communication Coordinator, would issue monthly emails to members on upcoming shows, application deadlines and additional significant events and dates.  Martha, as Activities Coordinator, would promote outreach to other clubs, among other duties.

Martha suggested that personal telephone calls (as a shared responsibility) to members of other clubs should be included in the outreach efforts, the specific and immediate goal being to inspire others to help solicit sponsorships for Pacific Slope while also promoting long lasting, increased cooperation between clubs in general.

Because the Pacific Slope show will be held in Rancho Murrieta (near Sacramento) this year, Nicki suggested that taking some horses to the show should encourage reciprocity when it returns to us in 2015, as building attendance is an important goal.

New Business

Club Fundraising

To raise funds for the club, plans for a yard sale became specific with the date set for Sat., May 3.  Donations for the sale, including both horse-related and other items are urgently needed.  Terri & Lynn will arrange an advertisement in Penny Saver and obtain a city permit.  Pam suggested selling script with 5% going to the club.  She will research the feasibility and report back.

Pacific Slope Fundraising

Fundraising is a major priority for the club since making a meaningful financial contribution to funding Pacific Slope in 2015 as it returns to Southern California would mean a commitment of $15,000 of club funds.  Carol S. reminded us that fundraising for Pacific Slope should be in high gear at this time.  A lively and wide-ranging discussion of brainstorming ideas ensued.

Proposed fundraising suggestions included:

  • An upscale fashion show (Lolly); Nicki added that wine-tasting would enhance the event.
  • Clinician Louise Koch might be induced to donate her $50 fee for a clinic to Pacific Slope (Martha).  It was suggested that the clinic be followed by wine-tasting.  A larger venue was proposed, possibly Stacy Turner’s facility.  It was proposed that suitable timing for this event would be late June or early July.
  • Club-sponsored schooling show to be held at Pepperglen (Patrice).
  • Superbowl football pool (Malissa). *As of this writing the pool was successfully implemented and winners announced.  Thanks to all who coordinated and those who participated in the pool.

The following suggestions were made during concurrent discussions which did not allow for easy identification of the speakers to the ideas:

  • Stand-alone wine-tasting events
  • Clinics open to all Arabian riding disciplines.  Perhaps the judge could explain scores and make suggestions to each rider.
  • Mike Nielson hunter-jumper clinic, with invitations to pony clubs and adults.  Fundraising coordinators will report back after making inquiries.

Proposed Activities

Activities Coordinator Martha informed members that the Del Mar dressage show (April 24-27) will include a musical freestyle with stars of the dressage world, including Steffan Peters and Gunther Siedel at 7:00 p.m. on April 26th.  Interest was shown in attending the musical freestyle as a group and Martha will research reserving a box for our members.  She polled members for interest in attending additional shows that include stars. When the response was enthusiastic Martha agreed to keep abreast of such events for us.

Martha also reminded members that World Cup will be held in Las Vegas in April  2015.  Details have not yet been publicized but Martha is geared to inform us as soon as information becomes available.  This event attracts the world’s top dressage riders so those interested in attending will need to purchase tickets immediately as they are available.

Malissa has arranged to have 8 rooms held for us at Hampton Hotel for Sport Horse Nationals which are Sept. 19-27.  The rooms are listed under McGinnis Training Center; those planning to attend Sport Horse Nationals must reserve a room no later than Aug. 1.  It is not required to attend for the full duration of the show in order to claim a room.  Call Hampton at (208) 442-0036 for your reservation.

Malissa also informed members that the pleasures of wine-tasting have been teamed with the pleasures of horseback riding in the Temecula Valley and asked if the group might have an interest in such an activity.  Horses are provided by the business that arranges the tours.  Based on the positive response elicited Malissa will research the details and report back.

Members also showed enthusiasm for participating in another Play Day.  The date was set for March 2 with a fee of $20 for supplies and food staples.  Participants would bring additional dishes and drinks to share.  (*This activity was recently cancelled.)

Next meeting scheduled for Sun., Feb. 23 at 3:00 p.m.  Bring snacks or drinks to share.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:04 p.m.








Minutes submitted by Samirah Laban

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