Convention Highlights

Convention Highlights


Sport Horse Under Saddle Helmet rule was approved by both the Sport Horse Committee and Dressage Committee but was ultimately disapproved by the Delegates on the floor in the final vote.

Some arguments against it were that AHA or USEF should mandate helmets across all divisions

and we should not piece mill the helmet rules into each division. Another argument was that people don’t want to be forced to wear helmets and it should be their choice.  I believe (which is totally my own

observations from the dynamics going on) was that when all the delegates vote a good percentage are not sport horse people and the hunter pleasure people that cross over into sport horse did not want to eventually have to wear helmets.  But that is just what I think happened.


Sport Horse under Saddle Dressage Double Bridle rule was amended to include a Hunter type Double bridle.  This was approved by the Sport Horse Committee, dressage Committee and on the delegate floor. This will become affective when USEF approves it, which will most likely be for 12/2014.  Note: there was discussion against this resolution for fear that people would put a double bridle on a junior horse or a training level horse.


Membership Dues increase resolution passed.  This will increase the base AHA dues to $40 a year. Or you can do the 3 year membership for $105. That averages out to $35 a year.  This is effective April 2014.


Western Dressage – there was a lot of discussion in the Dressage committee about western dressage.

They have created a new sub-committee for western dressage, headed up by Karen Homer-Brown who is highly involved with the WDAA and USEF creating the rules.  The rules will continue to be tweaked so keep an eye out for updates through-out the year.  This coming year Karen will be working on an educational program for judges. She is also working on a testing process for them.  Karen is planning on opening up the judging requirements in the future for western judges, expecting that working western judges will want to participate. So for 2014 the judge is required to be a dressage judge but that may not be the case going forward. There was a brief discussion on whether Western Dressage will end up being considered a sport horse division or a working western division but that will be decided at a later time.


Two Amateurs owning a horse resolution –  was referred back to the Amateur committee as they were not able to finalize a version of the resolution they were happy with to present for voting.


Leveling the playing field resolution – This resolution passed.  It will give shows the ability to offer classes that would put like experienced riders in classes with other like experienced. It is based on how many points a rider has received in that division and there are 3 categories at the amateur level.


We have a new Dressage Committee chairperson, Marilyn Weber. Cathy Cage will remain Vice-Chair.


Our Region 1 volunteers of the year were Barb Dubois and Margaret Rich.


At the region 1 caucus, Mary Ann Hughs asked me if I would take our Region 1 Dressage chairperson spot and I agreed to.


If there are any other resolutions you are interested in knowing more about please let me know and I can give you an update.  Thanks a lot for allowing me to be your delegate and helping me with some of the expense. I am really enjoying the process!


Carol Spangler

APHC Delegate

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