So much going on this month!!  It’s almost starting to cool off and the days are getting shorter! But we’re still riding, practicing, training and having a great time!  October 4th we spent a rainy day down at Galway Downs at the RCAHA Fall show. See the video on the news page. Nicki rode 4 junior horses through their first dressage tests and they did spectacularly!!  An amazing day!

Oct 8th Debbie Robeson will be back – reserve your spot now!

October 10th will be the Norco Hall of Fame Tri-Tip BBQ Cook-Off Challenge at Stacy Turner’s place, 3pm.  APHC is fronting a winning team with Patrice and Gibb,Pam and Mike!   See Nicki for tickets! All proceeds will benefit the Norco Hall of Fame.

October 25th will be an open CDS show  ‘All Hallows Eve’ at RidgeRiders in Covina. A great place to showcase your new skills!  Entry Closing date Oct 15.

Don’t forget to fill out your on-line entries for the Nov 14 wine ride in Temecula. Please email me if you need info.

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