Our Arabians are amazingly versitile! This month we’ll travel across the country to participate in our first open Western Dressage World Show, held in Tulsa OK in conjunction with the Pinto Horse Association. Western Dressage, a new element in the dressage world, is still in it’s infancy. This will be only the third national competition and in those 3 years it has grown from 80 rides to over 500! The levels being offered are Basic (training) through Third level. There will be upper levels available as the sport evolves the movement requirements.  Nicki and Terri will show Jam in open and amatuer divisions, Brandie will be showing Tiny Dancer in the open division.  It will be exciting! An opportunity to showcase our beautiful Arabians!  The video attached is Nicki and Jam riding the Second Level Test 3 at the Rancho Ca show in October.  They won high point for the day of both western and traditional dressage!

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