It’s countdown to Nampa ID!


While we wish we could say we have been practicing diligently, eating well, getting enough sleep,  managing our stress levels, staying fit and generally being prepared for our biggest competition….  something other than all of the above is probably true.  We don’t have enough time to ride as much as we want,  running through McDonalds and getting the chicken sandwich instead of a big mac passes for eating well. We need to stay up till all hours of the night to put  a dent in our to-do list which grows ever longer,  getting in and out of the car 20 times becomes our ‘reps’  for the day and family, work and life issues all conspire to keep our stress levels up to our hairlines! What’s a girl to do?!  Well, no answers here, but knowing a big competition is coming up means something  has to go. We do owe it to ourselves and our horses to give ourselves as much support as we can.  That might mean fewer family events to be at, ignoring the dishes for a walk around the block, giving the boss a heads up that you can’t stay over for a while and catching some sleep instead of catching up on back episodes of your favorite tv program.  There are some things we can’t do much about and there’s some things we can – but we’ll soon be on our way and wish we had done more!!

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