Hello from your new President!   I’m happy to be a part of a great organization that’s devoted to creating better horses and riders.  We’re all here at APHC for the same reason: to be the best we can.  By supporting each other and learning together we’ll all move towards our goals with hopefully fewer pitfalls and more successes and fun!

Right now we’re working on getting our web-site  updated with new information, links and resources. You can help out by sending  a photo of you and your horse for the members page to myself, Carol S. or Lynn P., we’ll get them posted for you.  Check out the calendar page for upcoming activities and events.  The results page will have scores posted for the last several shows.   There will be a great list of web-links to interesting articles and other information on the resources page.

I’m excited to see what the future brings for us and our equine partners. If you have any suggestions regarding club activities, events, clinics or just information, please let me know, I appreciate the input.   For now, stay cool in this hot hot weather! There’s lots of cold water in the green room, (extra cases are always appreciated) keep hydrated!



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