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Western Dressage World Show

Western Dressage held it’s 3rd annual World Show in conjunction with the Pinto World Congress in Tulsa OK Nov 6-8th. Nicki, myself, Brandie and Trish made the trek to compete and see what this new discipline is all about. What was so fun to see was the overwhelming enthusiasum of many different western horse riders and the variety of horses and riders it attracted.  The levels of expertise varied as much as the horse breeds and for some dressage was a new endeavor, but all were eager to  participate and become a part of it. The Western Dressage motto is ‘It’s about the Journey’, and the Western Dressage Association of America itself is still on that path as they refine the standards, procedures and policies of this infant organization...

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All Hallows Eve Dressage

The McGinnis barn attended the CDS Pomona chapter’s All Hallows Eve show at Ridgeriders in Covina CA on Oct 25, competing in traditional and western dressage.  Malissa and Bugs,  Lynn and Cody, Brandie and Tiny Dancer and Terri and Jam all showed their stuff. Everyone is polishing up newly learned tests to earn qualifications for next year’s Arabian Sport Horse Nationals, or as with Terri and Brandie, both are headed for the National Western Dressage competition in Tulsa OK in just of couple of weeks!  Western Dressage is increasingly being offered at breed and open shows. An exciting growing equestrian event. Carolyn and Mike were on hand to watch Nicki show young Sox in his second ever show – they produced a score of 73! Malissa and Buggs came home with high point amature for the day...

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Rancho California Arabian Horse Assoc. Fall Show


APHC braved the rainy elements to particpate at the Rancho California Arabian Horse Association’s Fall Show at Galway Downs in Temecula, Sunday Oct 4th.  Though the air was damp, spirits were high as 4 youngsters made their dressage show debuts. All four completed their tests through the mud, rain and soccer game distractions! So proud of them – Nicki was AMAZING!  All the APHC amature riders had great tests!

Click on the link below to see APHC at the RCAHA Fall Show day.


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Lake Day!

Fun though it is to be with our horses, sometimes it’s even more fun to do something else!  Like spend the day cruising Lake Mead on a beautiful powerboat. And that’s just what Mike, Pam, Carolyn, Mike and Terri did.  Though the air was hot it felt wonderful to skim over the lake, enjoying the views of wild life and the backside of Hoover Dam.  The water was a very comfortable temperature – perfect for hours-long floating with a red cup. This is stress relief!!  We could have had great water-skiing on the glass-like water – but it was too relaxing to just bob in the water! Our trip back to the boat docks was magical – the water perfectly smooth and a warm summer breeze.

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Debbie Robison Training Day

Thursday Sept 3,  several  club members took intensive one-on-one training sessions with USEF gold medalist Debbie Robison.   The interactive one hour lessons focused on rider/horse specific issues, breaking down problem areas to gaps in fundamental basics.  Debbie encourages and demands her students master the use of seat and legs instead of relying on their hands.  Students learn the correct use of their body in their lesson and are given exercises to practice afterwards. Debbie schedules lesson dates regularly at McGinnis Training Center for the benefit of APHC members and their ongoing training goals.





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How’s your Seat?

Sunday Aug 30th several club members were out at the home of Linda Gorman in Rolling Hill’s Estate’s watching Martha and Chester participate in Erica Posely’s Got Seat clinic.  It was very interesting to watch the change in the quality of gaits as the riders became more centered and connected to their horses through their seat/riding position. Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely glass of wine on the patio next to Chester’s stall.  Enjoying Chester's patio! 20150830_140257 20150830_165445

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Dont Forget to check the Calendar

The Calendar is updated regularly and will tell you all the important upcoming dates. We don’t want you to miss anything!!!!

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Meeting Minutes from 1/11/14

Minutes of APHC Meeting January 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order at McGinnis Training Center at 2:40 p.m. by President Carol Spangler.  The following members were in attendance:  Nicki McGinnis, Lynn Phillips, Pat Fichtner, Carol Dabney, Kelli Newton, Pam Bell, Martha Pacheco, Lolly Wilke, Malissa Tarman, Terri Polley, Patrice Tipton, Carol Spangler and Samirah Laban.

Membership Report by Kelli Newton

Those who may be thinking about joining the club were urged to take the plunge and join APHC.  Parenthetically, Carol S. informed us that AHA annual membership dues will be increasing from $25 to $40 beginning April 1.

Treasurer’s Report by Patrice Tipton

The current club balance is $4,133...

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Spring Play Day


We had so much fun at the last Play Day, we decided to do it again!


Spring Play Day

At The Stables/McGinnis Training Center

Sunday, March 2, 2014



Come join the fun at the Play Day, which will include a number of fun classes designed to test your skill on horseback and your sense of humor.


If you wish to participate, your $10 donation will go to cover costs and contribute to the APHC club fund.  All are welcome and BBQ will follow.


Please bring snacks/sides to share and BBQ foods if you’d like to BBQ.  Burgers and fixin’s will be provided.  BYOB.  Please feel free for forward this info to any one I missed, or anyone interested in joining the fun.


See you there!


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Convention Highlights

Convention Highlights


Sport Horse Under Saddle Helmet rule was approved by both the Sport Horse Committee and Dressage Committee but was ultimately disapproved by the Delegates on the floor in the final vote.

Some arguments against it were that AHA or USEF should mandate helmets across all divisions

and we should not piece mill the helmet rules into each division. Another argument was that people don’t want to be forced to wear helmets and it should be their choice.  I believe (which is totally my own

observations from the dynamics going on) was that when all the delegates vote a good percentage are not sport horse people and the hunter pleasure people that cross over into sport horse did not want to eventually have to wear helmets.  But that is just what I think happened.

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