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May Day Dressage Show – April 30th Norco, CA

Offering Dressage, Western Dressage and Sport Horse Under Saddle.

You can come for the Leap into Spring Show in the afternoon, do the Sport Horse under saddle classes  and stay for day 2 Dressage and more Sport Horse Under Saddle.  Qualifying show for Region 1 and Sport Horse Nationals.

May Day DR 2017 ODS Premium final v2

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May Day Dressage AHA ODS Show

May Day Dressage show Premium coming soon.

Classes include: Dressage (Intro thru 4th level), Western Dressage (Intro thru Level 2) and Sport Horse Under Saddle/Show Hack.

This show will count towards qualifications for Region 1 and Sport Horse Nationals.

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Leap Into Spring Hunter AHA ODS Show

Come join us for the only Working Hunter Show this year in Region 1.

Offering a multitude of Arabian and Half Arabian Hunter classes, Open Breed Hunter classes, and Arabian and Half Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle classes.  This show will count towards qualification for Region 1 and Sport Horse Nationals.  Show is April 29, 2017 at PepperGlen Farms in Norco, Ca.

Leap into Spring HTR 2017 ODS Premium Final

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Sport Horse Nationals 2016

dsc02932Carol and Mele Top 10 1st Leveldsc02987AOTR Champion Training - Terri and JamMegan and Andy Champion x1, Reserve x3dsc02867dsc02908dsc02921dsc02981dsc02838

Sport Horse Nationals in Nampa ID 2016 has come and gone.  Every rider and every horse gave their best efforts and it showed, every ride was at least a top ten with several placing at Champion or Reserve (see details on results page).  The weather mostly cooperated – only a day or so of cooler and breezy conditions but mostly sunny and comfortable.  The first day of the show was the busiest – Nicki had 5 dressage rides and several green hunter/hunter hack classes mixed in...

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Region 1 Championships at Del Mar

IMG_2419 Kelli and Mele

San Diego was the perfect place to be on May 22 for the AHA Region 1 Championship Show. The McGinnis Training Center barn came home with numerous championships, reserve championships and all around great rides against some good competition! The full results will be posted on the Results page. The weather was absolutely perfect, the sea breeze kept everyone cool.  During the morning hours the young horses breezing next door on the Del Mar track were pretty exciting to the dressage horses!   It was another great day riding, congratulations to everyone and their ponies!

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May Day Dressage


Our first ever ‘May Day Dressage’ One Day Show held on Sunday May 1st was a success!!  It was a joint effort by the Arabian Performance Horse Club and the Southern California Half Arabian Association held at Pepperglen Farms in Norco. It takes a lot of volunteers and sponsorships to put a show together and without them it just wouldn’t happen!  We had 62 rides scheduled (a long day for a judge!) including dressage equitation, western dressage and a musical freestyle...

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The McGinnis Training Center took 10 horses to the LAEC for the annual Rancho California Arabian Region 1 and 2 horse show. The weather was perfect and the horses felt great. Several youngsters were there at their 2nd show and all did wonderfully!  (see the results on ‘Results’ page).  A four day show with 10 horses means a lot of work and activity is going on all the time.  At any time someone is showing, tacking up, braiding, reading,  bathing, lunging, or practicing.  Getting all this done takes teamwork and the McGinnis barn has a GREAT team of riders and non-riders who are there to help get the next rider out in the ring.  Special thanks to Lolly, Carolyn, Mike, Carol D...

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Barn Play Day

IMG_7070 IMG_7099 IMG_7166 IMG_7197 IMG_7198 IMG_7245 IMG_7228 IMG_7211 IMG_7201 IMG_7191 IMG_7068 IMG_7225 IMG_7192 IMG_7193 IMG_7108 IMG_7128 IMG_7186We had a blast!  Play Day was held Saturday Feb 6 at McGinnis Training Center. It was a windy day but everyone

had a great time participating in horse and rider games of all kinds.

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Temecula Wine Ride

What a beautiful day for a mid-morning ride through the vineyards of Temecula! Fall is the perfect time for a wine ride: the weather is cool, the air crisp, the sky a cloudless blue and the long rows of vines in shades of dusty green, gold and yellow.  We enjoyed a leisurely walk down vineyard roads, up the surrounding hills to spectacular views and through rows of vines. Our coordinator and guide Juanita Koth of Gaits in the Grapes filled us in on the local activities. Her and husband Scott are passionate about preserving Temecula as an equestrian community...

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Western Dressage World Show

Western Dressage held it’s 3rd annual World Show in conjunction with the Pinto World Congress in Tulsa OK Nov 6-8th. Nicki, myself, Brandie and Trish made the trek to compete and see what this new discipline is all about. What was so fun to see was the overwhelming enthusiasum of many different western horse riders and the variety of horses and riders it attracted.  The levels of expertise varied as much as the horse breeds and for some dressage was a new endeavor, but all were eager to  participate and become a part of it. The Western Dressage motto is ‘It’s about the Journey’, and the Western Dressage Association of America itself is still on that path as they refine the standards, procedures and policies of this infant organization...

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