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Yes We’re Here!!

It has been far too long since our last post – but so much has happened!!  The Arabian Performance Horse Club has moved to a new facility, and by new I mean new! Everything had to be built from the ground up!! But it’s done now, and we’re back to training, practicing and enjoying being with the horses we love!  Our new address is 3466 Temescal Ave, Norco CA.

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Goodbye 2016

We say a fond farewell to 2016 and welcome in 2017!  The coming year will present  the challenges that we keep working on – and the new ones we don’t even know of yet. We forget sometimes how far we’ve come. At the end of the year it’s a good time to realize that we did make progress in the last twelve months, though sometimes it feels like nothing is happening. It’s a cumulative thing, like applying paint: you don’t see the picture until many varied strokes, layers and colors have been laid down. Sometimes even revisiting something you already know results in improvement.   Having the opportunity to keep learning is what keeps most of us going, looking forward to the future and another chance to improve what we love to do: ride our horses...

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It’s countdown to Nampa ID!


While we wish we could say we have been practicing diligently, eating well, getting enough sleep,  managing our stress levels, staying fit and generally being prepared for our biggest competition….  something other than all of the above is probably true.  We don’t have enough time to ride as much as we want,  running through McDonalds and getting the chicken sandwich instead of a big mac passes for eating well...

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May is a busy month!  We have our very first ‘May Day Dressage’ one day show at Pepperglen,  animal communicator Lydia Hiby will be chatting with us and our animals, and we’ll be cheering on the favorites (and underdogs!) as the Kentucky Derby becomes the center of the sports world for a day, and several weeks later the Preakness and Belmont Stakes to round out the Triple Crown.  We’ll also be getting ready for our Region 1 Championships in Del Mar on May 22.  It’s graduation season too and we’ll see Kelli N. take her walk across the stage to receive her multiple degree Bachelors from Cal State Fullerton.  Photos of all on the gallery page!

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Spring is here – though we’re still waiting for the deluge that El Nino was supposed to bring.  No such luck, and while it’s  made working horses a little easier, we’re going to be pretty dry and hot this summer. And we have a lot of work to do to get ready for our national competition later this year in Nampa ID.  How long does it take to create a beautiful leg yield or an effortless lead change?  As long as it takes.   “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” ~Confucius …. And ‘doing’  means a lot of practice!  We practice doing it the wrong way and aren’t happy with the results, so we get advice and coaching (and sometimes a new saddle!) and go at it again. We experiment with adjusting our GeldHorseCartoonaids and try a technique that we’ve heard of...

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Love Love Love!!  February is the month of Love!  A chance to show the special someone(s) in our life what they mean to us. That we appreciate them, understand them, don’t take them for granted and are thinking of them always. That we’ll  be there for them and are thankful that they put up with us, take care of us and make us happy when no one else can. We can remind ourselves that creating a great relationship takes time, but is worth the wait and effort. So  show that special someone you love them – give your horse an extra carrot on Valentines Day!

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January 2016


Happy New Year!!!  It’s 2016 already!!!   It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone – and no doubt this time next year will arrive even faster.  A new year, with it’s promise of a fresh start prompts us to commit to various resolutions which we fervently believe will change the things we’re not satisfied with. It’s human nature to see twelve months stretched in front of you and think of all the things you’d like to accomplish.  If you write your goals down you’re ten times more likely to achieve them than if you don’t...

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christmas barn  The spirit of the season, while we hope for world peace, food for all and fewer taxes, it’s enough to have a place for our horses, hay that they’re not allergic to, and the hope that this year we’ll finally learn to ‘use more leg!’  It’s all about appreciating what we have. We have wonderful horses, great friends and a passion that keeps us looking forward to tomorrow and the year to come.  Time to enjoy the festivities of the season and toast to the New Year!!

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Our Arabians are amazingly versitile! This month we’ll travel across the country to participate in our first open Western Dressage World Show, held in Tulsa OK in conjunction with the Pinto Horse Association. Western Dressage, a new element in the dressage world, is still in it’s infancy. This will be only the third national competition and in those 3 years it has grown from 80 rides to over 500! The levels being offered are Basic (training) through Third level. There will be upper levels available as the sport evolves the movement requirements.  Nicki and Terri will show Jam in open and amatuer divisions, Brandie will be showing Tiny Dancer in the open division...

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So much going on this month!!  It’s almost starting to cool off and the days are getting shorter! But we’re still riding, practicing, training and having a great time!  October 4th we spent a rainy day down at Galway Downs at the RCAHA Fall show. See the video on the news page. Nicki rode 4 junior horses through their first dressage tests and they did spectacularly!!  An amazing day!

Oct 8th Debbie Robeson will be back – reserve your spot now!

October 10th will be the Norco Hall of Fame Tri-Tip BBQ Cook-Off Challenge at Stacy Turner’s place, 3pm.  APHC is fronting a winning team with Patrice and Gibb,Pam and Mike!   See Nicki for tickets! All proceeds will benefit the Norco Hall of Fame.

October 25th will be an open CDS show  ‘All Hallows Eve’ at RidgeRiders in Covina...

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