05/05/16  Moves Within The Movements: Here’s a hint of what’s to come in the October Clinic with Charlotte Dujardin!  From PSDressage.

04/10/16  When do you start riding your horse? In the warm-up, after the warm-up? Some tips for a better relationship with your horse.  An article from Horse Listening.

03/10/16 Adult Amateur Dressage Shame: Does this sound like you?  An article from Dressage Different.

03/01/16 Effective Trot to Canter Transitions:  An article by Jec Ballou, the author of 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider, and Equine Fitness which explains the mechanics of good transitions and the fitness benefit.

2/15/16 Straightness: Having trouble with haunches in? hatches out? shoulder falling in?  Here is an article from Olympian Debbie McDonald about attaining straightness at the walk, trot and canter.

2/1/16 The Coachable Student:  What traits make a coachable student?  Read about them in this article from April Clay in the Horse Collaborative:

1/13/16  Dressage as a Horsemanship: “…the horse is never wrong and it is always the rider that has to question him(her)self when things do not go as planned”.  Here are some pointers from The Old Masters Training Series which premiered in New York last November – by Madeline Debure in Horsesdaily.

1/1/16 36 Ways to Relax the Horse and Rider : Here is an article to help prepare your mind, body and horse for the upcoming 2016 show season:

12/19/15 The Importance of the Psoas Muscle for Equestrians: Read about the role the Psoas muscle plays in our posture and rider biomechanics from Carol-Anne Robinson, a registered physiotherapist.

12/3/15 Sport Psychology: Eight Rules to Win Your Dressage Test: Psychology plays an important part while riding a test.  Here are some tips that might help improve your performance from Eurodressage.

11/24/15  Secure Seat:   No matter what your riding skill level, you can improve your riding and your horse’s performance by improving your seat. Here are 3 tips for doing just that from The Thinking Equestrian.

11/3/15  How to Listen to Your Horse:  An easy read with a lovely message from Anna Blake of Infinity Farm.

10/15/15  Low Hands a Classical Position: Good hand position for various training needs from Troy Griffith with Horse Collaborative.

10/6/15 Cultivate Good Seat:  Improve your seat with this informative article from Dressage Today – “Cultivate Good Seat”.

10/5/15 Reaching Your Goals:  Some inspirational words from “Moshi”  to reach your riding goals  – from the website of Jane Savoie.

10/4/15 The Unwritten Rules of Dressage Test Riding: As the 2015-16 show season begins, here is a link to a classic article from Dressage Today – “The Unwritten Rules of Dressage Test Riding”. It is great information to review before each show to help improve your score.